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   We have the capability to align most small trucks and cars. The four wheel alignment is popular and provides the best results for vehicles with independent rear suspension. We can bend solid rear axles, but in most cases it is not recommended as it requres removing the axle and labor is charged by the hour. If you prefer, we can determine if a four wheel alignment is possible for your vehicle and you can be assured we will not charge for work we don't do. The four wheel alignment includes checking and adjusting caster, camber and toe for the front and rear tires. The front wheel alignment includes checking and adjusting caster, camber and toe for the front. Vehicles without adjustable caster and camber already installed may require a kit to correct the alignment if it's not within specification. To properly align a vehicle, we first check tire rods, wheel bearings and ball joints. If we find any issues, we notify the customer to approve repair or to make a recommendation. All vehicles are test driven to verify proper alignment. All vehicles are aligned to Bee Line specification, a more accurate and narrow alignment margin than manufacturer specifications.

   We are a Centrimatic dealer. Centrimatics are a cost effective way to minimize tire imbalances. They are mounted inbetween the tire rim and drum and reusable between tire changes. Upon request we can order Centrimatics for cars, call for more information.

   We also provide nitrogen inflation for tires. Tires inflated with nitrogen run cooler and reduce the risk of blowouts.

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