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Trucks & Trailers

   Three axle alignments are popular for most trucks. It includes aligning the tandems to the frame and centering, checking steer axle caster and camber, and adjusting steer axle toe. To properly align a vehicle, we first check spring pins, wheel bearings, tire rods, drag link and kingpins. If we find any issues, we notify the customer to approve repair or to make a recommendation. It's important to note shock absorbers can have a major impact on handling, especially on the front, and we recommend replacing them every 120,000 miles or yearly. Normally, trucks will need steer axle camber adjustments the first time in. This usually takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Trailer alignments include aligning the axles to the kingpin. All vehicles are test driven to verify proper alignment. All vehicles are aligned to Bee Line specification, a more accurate and narrow alignment margin than manufacturer specifications.

   We are a Centrimatic dealer. Centrimatics are a cost effective way to minimize tire imbalances. They are mounted inbetween the tire rim and drum and reusable between tire changes. We keep in stock Centrimatics for wheel sizes 19, 22 and 24. For other sizes or to learn more call us.

   We also provide nitrogen inflation for tires. Tires inflated with nitrogen run cooler and reduce the risk of blowouts. Recapped tires will benefit the most from nitrogen inflation.

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